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Meet the Coaches
Ares Strength's coaches have all spent time working on their craft through their own training. Our coaches know how to walk to walk not just talk the talk.


Mathew Procak
Keilor East

Mathew has been an active powerlifting competitor and coach for over a decade as well as a personal trainer for 15 years. Mathew brings a wealth of experience not from his years as a coach but a lifetime of competing in high level sport.

Prior to becoming a powerlifter Mathew played both football and basketball whilst also building his successful personal training business. Mathew understands the challenges of performing in the weight room whilst maintaining high levels of performance professionally.

If you're an athlete or professional looking to improve your strength both mentally and physically to better your life then get in contact with Mathew.

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Mark Gilbert
Keilor East

Mark approaches his training as educating the person and giving them the tools to use over a lifetime not a quick fix. Then structures his programming around the individuals lifestyle in a way that allows them to stick to it.


He tries to make it fun and light-hearted but also with a goal in mind. He deals with people of all ages sizes and backgrounds and tries to make it work for them, whether that be body composition goals strength goals powerlifting competition or just to feel better and gain confidence in the gym.


Mark also runs a local powerlifting competition that gives his clients the drive to come into the gym every week.

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Kris Miles

Kris has been a coach for over a decade. He brings a wealth of knowledge driven by his Bachelors degree, in Exercise Science, as well as his Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning whilst also currently studying a Masters of Physiotherapy. His passion lies in high performance sport and helping athletes excel on the field and in the gym by creating a strong foundation and building upon characteristics of their sport, as well as injury rehabilitation and return to sport.

He has had the privilege of training, some of Australia’s top athletes, including Olympian and Australian 800 meter record holder, Peter Bol, as well as high-level basketballers, Australian Rules footballers , soccer players and talented youth athletes about to break onto the scene.

Kris strives to create a high-level team training environment that is both educational and enjoyable for his athletes. If you’re a someone, looking to get an edge in your sport or needing to rehabilitate from injury, get in touch with Kris.

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Helene Faccio
Keilor East

Helene’s experience in powerlifting has been a successful one , she’s actively competed for the last 10 yrs with major accomplishments such as podium positions at National level competitions to go along with a long list of world/national records. Helene has used this experience to successfully transition into coaching over the past two years and has coached lifters to major events such as Pro Raw and even national title victories.

Helene has spent most of her life playing sport at a high level and was a passionate basketball player and referee prior to moving into powerlifting after an ACL reconstruction. A life time of commitment to high performance has provided her with the knowledge on how to build sustainable models of training for long term success.

This success has transcended into also building a successful mobile hair dressing business which Helene has been running for 3 decades. This experience has left Helene extremely dedicated to achieving nothing less than the best for her clients. She understands what it is to be a high performer and through her coaching she seeks to teach the younger generations the lessons she has learned. Helene will teach you skills, commitment and develop grit that will transcend beyond just your training.

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Anthony Dimech
Caroline Springs

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Dante Sindoni
Keilor East

Dante brings excitement, passion, and knowledge, so your goals can be achieved efficiently and sustainably.


Despite being relatively new to powerlifting, he has achieved notable success in local and national competitions. With a running history of competing in high division competitive sports such as, Football and Karate, he brings the knowledge, experience and mindset required to push you past your limits and achieve your goals.


Whether you desire a more social training environment or something more one on one, you can always expect to have a laugh, all while smashing your workout.


If you’re wanting a fun and structured training environment, best to get in contact with Dante to fast track you, to your goals!

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Maria Andonova
Tullamarine/Keilor East

Maria has been in the industry since 2017. She has completed her Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science in 2019 and became an an Accredited Sports Nutritionist in 2021.

In her years of experience, Maria has worked with hundreds of people helping them achieve their goals in weight loss, muscle gain and achievements in powerlifting competitions.

Maria’s knowledge, experience and passion for health and fitness arose from her love of tennis and 12 years playing on the courts. Maria was then introduced to the world of bodybuilding, winning her first world championship in 2019, claiming her pro status. The thrill and excitement of achieving her goals has driven Maria’s passion towards her clients achieving their goals.

People who work with Maria, gain confidence in the gym and themselves, become knowledgeable and autonomous, and discover a passion for something new.

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Adam Milosavljevic
Caroline Springs

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Cori Perez
Keilor East

Cori’s vision as a coach is to assist you in growing and achieving, both within and outside of the gym. She’s a strong believer that the qualities we learn through fitness will directly impact how we approach our everyday lives, from the values we learn, to the skills we develop.


The level of confidence and self assurance the fitness industry has provided Cori through her own personal experience has motivated her in helping others to achieve a new found confidence of their own.


Her aim is to help guide you to your fitness goals and support your personal growth as you progress towards them.


She will work along side you to build a sustainable relationship with nutrition and fitness, providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain your health and fitness long term.

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Keilor East/ Caroline Springs

Growing up surrounded by sports significantly influenced Julian’s career path. Initially involved in playing one or two sports a week like many others, he discovered a growing passion for training that quickly transformed from a hobby into a professional career. Transitioning from bodybuilding to powerlifting further intensified his dedication to the sport.


Julian has worked across multiple gyms and with diverse groups, including individuals at various fitness levels and athletes. He takes pride in witnessing the transformation and success of those he coaches. Whether it’s achieving a personal best in a squat, reaching a new low body weight, or even improving relationships with food, he is dedicated to helping his clients reach their desired milestones.

Julian’s strength lies in his versatility. His experience spans different fitness disciplines, allowing him to effectively assist and guide individuals toward achieving their goals. Julian’s primary focus is not only to support individuals but also to educate and inspire those eager for positive change along their fitness journey.


If you’re ready to reach milestones in your fitness journey, get in touch with Julian.

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Ebony Borg
Caroline Springs

Ebony is a coach and has always had an eye for competitive sports, as she spent years competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu across Melbourne and is now moving into competitive powerlifting. Ebony loves all things strength training and has helped shaped a community of like minded people in the group fitness industry. Whilst Ebony loves working in group fitness, she is wanting to take charge and help individuals through one on one training and small group training in achieving their fitness dreams.


Ebony, being a people’s person ensures she is able to connect with community through weight lifting and aims to help others achieve confidence in the gym and longevity within their training. As she believes that health is a life long journey and knowing how to train is a skill set.


If feeling strong, confident and apart of a community is something you want to achieve then get in contact with Ebony.

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Keilor East

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