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Sports Strength and Conditioning

What do you usually think of when considering things you can do to get the edge over your opponents in your sport? Improve skills and technique? Run more to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance? Work on technique to run more efficiently and jump higher? All of these are important aspects of a majority of the sports we often play or compete in, but one of the most important areas of sports performance that tends to get overlooked is strength training.


Weight lifting doesn’t have to mean getting muscular and picking up triple your body weight off of the ground for a single, slow, grinding rep. When it comes to lifting for your sport, it’s about developing the strength that helps you burst out of the blocks faster, jump higher to dunk, get around the running track the quickest, break out of the pack or release from a tackle and dodge opponents better, and most importantly stay safe and improve longevity in your sport by reducing the risk of injury.


Lifting for sports performance comes down to careful and appropriate exercise selection, loading and management. Ares Strength Gym has the coaches with the qualifications and experience to help you take the next step in your journey no matter the sport or level of competition. We have worked with people from weekend warriors and people rehabilitating major injuries, to VFL athletes and Australian Champions and Olympians in 800m track. If you’re serious about getting better at your sport, we want to work with you.

Sports Performance
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