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Keilor East

Ares Strength Keilor East specialises in building first class competitive lifters. Home to some of the strongest lifters in Australia and with a reputation for building lifters from the ground up we can help you reach your competition best.

We don't compete to participate, we compete to win.

Ares Strength Keilor East is home to competition grade equipment covering all of Australia's major federations; GPC, WRPF, USAPL, APL and APU. Training here allows you to train as you compete and we pride ourselves on providing an intense training environment where our lifters push each other day after day to be better.

Home to multiple powerlifting coaches all with competition experience we have been through the trenches and we know what it takes to get to the top. Our coaches pride themselves in providing full custom programming for each lifter who works with us and teaching our lifters not just how to lift but how to mentally attack their goals.

In saying this every legend starts with a beginning and it is for this reason our coaches also love to work with beginners who are just starting their lifting journey. We routinely take on personal training clients seeking to make impactful changes to their lives. We apply the same overarching principles to personal training as we do our powerlifting team. We demand effort and hard work but we promise you we will provide you with long lasting changes to your life.

If you are ready to get to work, get dirty and create long lasting change to your life then we want to work with you.



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62 Slater Parade, Keilor East, Vic 3033

Staffed Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 11:00am - 4:00pm

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