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Personal Training

Personal Training

We all have different goals which we seek to achieve in our training and our coaches at Ares Strength Gym understand this better than anyone. If you are serious about not just reaching your goals but learning the skills to maintain your progress long in to the future than a personal trainer at Ares is what you need. 

All personal training clients receive fully customised training in accordance to their goals. Whether you are looking to be as strong as an ox, run longer or get your bikini body ready for summer we can help you. Upon signing up for personal training at Ares Strenth Gym we will match you with a coach best suited to you and your goals.

Our coaches strive to not just train you but also educate you. We are not trying to create long term clients, we are trying to create individuals who can keep themselves healthy for the long term. Learn how to train best for your goals according to your body and your needs.

Click the link below to get in contact with a coach today.

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