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It takes one step.

It only takes one step to begin a journey. Whether that journey is in education, work, travel or improving yourself in the gym, it all starts with that first step. Too often we see and hear of the individual who wants to be fitter, stronger or more experienced before taking that step, but why wait? Why delay the step you need to take to reach your goals.

Sometimes we need to jump off that cliff, we need to trust ourselves to take the step towards what we want. I am telling you today, step, allow yourself to fall. The first step is the hardest but it needs to be taken. Allow yourself the satisfaction of achieving your goals today, not tomorrow, not in two weeks, not in a month, but today.

Take that step, discover empowerment and begin marching towards your goals. Do not allow yourself to be controlled and dictated by the fear of failure. It is easy to never fail if you never make an attempt, but what does that leave you with? The true tragedy is being to fearful to even take the first step in your journey.

If you have a goal and you want to reach that goal, take that step. You don't need to know the journey to start it. Starting is the hardest part but it is also the most satisfying.

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