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Progression is as simple as identifying and rectifying.

Improving strength is more than just working hard. It is diagnosing deficiencies and addressing the cause. As a lifter looking to become fitter and stronger you MUST be vigilant and learn to identify your WEAKNESSES. In order to consistently improve you must aim to TURN YOUR WEAKNESSES INTO STRENGTHS with each new program iteration.

Training with a number goal in mind is great - and we all know that a bigger total is the outcome you're after - but learning to program and train with the goal of IMPROVING A SPECIFIC WEAKNESS is BETTER. If overall, the body is working efficiently, the outcome is going to correlate to bigger numbers.

As smart lifters we must understand we will only become strong to the point at which our weakest link fails. Therefore seeking out weaknesses, and rehabbing muscles that aren't firing, or joints that aren't feeling great- is all part of the holistic approach to your strength. Not only will this make you stronger in the long run but it will also build a much more robust body which can withstand higher training INTENSITIES. This means MORE WORK, HARDER WORK and BETTER PROGRESS!

If you want to become fitter, stronger, bigger and more dynamic you must turn your weaknesses into strengths with every training program.

This will be a recurring pattern but will lead to CONSISTENT progression each and every time.

Your thought and planning process must be: identify the issue, make a plan, execute the plan, rectify the issue, progress forward.

It is so easy to progress consistently, you just need to plan to succeed.

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