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It is all about passion.

Time and time again we hear people talk about genetics playing a role in success.

Whilst there is no denying that a strong physical predisposition and genetics can and ultimately will place you in a favourable position, you don't need to be genetically blessed to start succeeding in the pursuit of your physical goals.

Whether you are looking to get fitter, stronger, bigger or leaner the only barrier to reaching your goal is your ability to become decided on your success. To have mental strength. To have passion.

Some people find reaching their goals in the gym easier than others, but what separates the elite from the pack is the mindset and determination to visualise, attack, and attain the goal.

Failure is part of the process. A true passionate athlete will find purpose in their failures, will reflect and grow from the experience, and use it to succeed. It's so incredibly important to understand that we learn far more of ourselves from our failures than we do our victories. And it's even more important to welcome the failures as a true measure of our present capacities both in sport and outside of it. If we only ever attempted what we knew we were capable of, progression would ultimately halt.

Consider yourself always on the path to success, and you will never fall short of progression.

If you have true desire, true drive and true grit to work through the hard times you will always reach your goals; whatever they may be. External forces may come in to play, but you must always focus on outcomes that you can control, who you are and be affirmative with what want to be.

You control your journey, you control your effort and you subsequently dictate your own results.

Raw talent can only go so far, and is redundant without passion. Passion and heart will always defeat talent. Focus on your goal. Commit to it every day. Learn from your defeats and accept them willingly. Work every day towards your goals, be tireless, be relentless and above all, follow your passion.

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