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Mathe Procak

Mathew Procak

Having now worked in the fitness industry for over a decade now and being a part of the powerlifting scene for over five years now I know a thing or do about what it takes to get strong. Over my 10 year coaching career I have developed my own training system for developing stronger more powerful individuals whether they are powerlifters, athletes or just the evryday person looking to be in their best shape possible.

I specialise in applying my training methods to any individual in order to helping them reach their goals. Whether you are looking for a big squat, to drop weight or just feel healthier in your day to day life I can create a long term plan to ensure your success. I am not just passionate about getting you to your goals but also teaching you how to maintain your goals in the long term. I don't aim to just coach you but to also educate you. My goal is to make you both fitter and more knowledgable.

I understand the need for training to be sustaibable for day to day life and it is my desire to show you how your fitness goals can be seamlessly integrated into your life. I want to take you to a level where you understand what you're dong, why you're doing it and how to do it for the rest of your life. 

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