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Kris Miles

As a coach I utilise my education in exercise science and experience in training people from all walks of life to help my clients achieve whatever goal they set themselves.


From working along side general population clients with common fitness goals, to rehabilitation patients trying to return to their best self, to top athletes trying to get an edge over their competition; I aim to give all my clients, no matter their desired outcomes or ability, the tools to become better at what they do.


Strength and fitness is a necessity for sport and life, and by obtaining the knowledge of your own body and it’s movement you become better at both. I hope to not only give my clients a physically good session every time the come to see me, but also provide them with more knowledge about the “what, how and why” of what we do.

Drop me a message if you would like to book in an assessment and goal setting session to discover how we can improve your physical performance.

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