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Helene Faccio

I have been a competitive lifter for a decade and have decided it is my job to give back to the next generation of lifters. After amassing numerous all time world records, national records and podium positions at the biggest comps Australia has to offer I want to be able to impart the lessons I have learned on to young lifters.


Like you I started my journey in a gym looking to improve my fitness and well being. I have walked the path you are about to step down and I know all the pitfalls along it. I am here to guide you so you don't make the mistakes many lifters make whilst making sure you learn the secrets to my training methods which have produced numerous world and national record holders. 

Training to be strong is an endurance race, not a sprint. So lets start this journey together and let me show you that even your wildest expectations can be met with enough planning and patience.

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